Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Car Review:

I was overjoyed to find BEAVER BROOK AUTOMOTIVE, which is run by Peter Balch. Peter is a factory Volvo mechanic and his work is fairly priced and on time. The big difference between these guys and the dealer is that they will take the time to fix your car, rather than just keep throwing expensive parts at it, which is what the dealer does. These guys invite you back to the service area while your car is on the lift, so they can show you what needs repairing. Beaver Brook did my brakes for a great price, fixed my tailgate wiring harness, and replaced the transmission shift solenoid.

Reviewer #143890

I read the other comment and took my car there too. The guys go the extra mile. They are going to have great success b/c they treat you right. They treat you and your car like clients, not just like money in their pockets. Totally awesome shop!!!!!

Reviewer #144174, 2009

Hi, guys!

I sang your praises and enjoyed the AC all across the sweltering Great Plains and back.

Thanks again!

Sue Richards

Hi Peter and Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that we made it to Colorado and had a great trip out here. The dogs were so comfortable in the back seat with their beds.  The car did great! And we will miss you both and the care you've taken of my wonderful 1998 Volvo V70AWD.

Come visit us if you get to Colorado. There are lots of old Volvos out here too.

Regards to Journey too,

Susan Josephs

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for all your help. I really do appreciate when people go the extra mile. I know that you got paid for your services but your services were more than most people provide. You gave me the satisfaction of knowing what I needed to know. You were honest and understanding of my situation. You tried to find a solution where there was none to be found. You also gave me a ride to the rental facility when they would have come to collect me as part of their service package.



Robert Pride
Pride Laser Consulting
38 Nash Street
Chicopee, Ma 01013

I wanted to thank you for your recent work performed on my 2008 Volvo XC90.
I felt compelled to write you as the quality of workmanship was excellent.
As consummate professionals you looked over the vehicle before returning it to me and did find something else that would have been a safety issue. Thank you for calling it to my attention immediately. Most important was your genuine concern not only for my safety, but for my children as well!
As a commuting executive time is very critical for me. The loaner car was a nice touch. It enabled me to get the needed work done on my vehicle in accordance with my schedule.
It was nice to see that the vehicle was ready as promised.
Your level of professionalism, attention to customer service and just your genuine care for the customer are unparalleled.
I will certainly recommend your shop to all my customers.

Thank you again!!

Richard T. Mauro, SCLA
Assistant Vice President claims
Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company

Hi, Peter,

Sorry for the delinquency in getting this letter to you, as promised.  Been in & out of CT
since you inspected Scott's Saab & just needed time to sit still for a while & compose a good letter. 

Thus far, the Saab has proven to be an excellent car.  Absolutely no concerns to date. Thanks again to both of you for the in-depth inspection.  We greatly appreciate your time, service & expertise.

I tried to keep the letter short (four paragraphs) as you suggested.  Please study my letter & let me know if you'd like some revisions or elaborations.  No problem in doing this, as it's in my computer & cut & paste is so easy to do. 

I signed this letter with a digital signature, but would be pleased to print the final
copy & endorse my personal signature if you'd prefer.  I'd then deliver to you personally (only minutes away).

I checked out your website & it's very impressive!  Great job!  Hope all's going well at your new business & have a nice day!


Hi Susan, Hi Judy,

I wanted to tell you guys about a great alternative to the service at Volvo of Danbury, which I know has gone way way downhill in the last 5 years.

Peter Balch, who is a long-time certified Volvo mechanic and who used to work at V.O.D., recently opened Beaver Brook Automotive - 203-791-1588.

The great thing about Peter is that the knows how to fix your car, rather than just throw a bunch of expensive parts at it (which is what VOD seems to do).

Anyway, I've been really impressed with these guys. They guarantee their repairs for 12 months or 12K miles. (Try asking a volvo dealer for that kind of guarantee.) Plus, they work on cars other than Swedish tractors, so tell your friends.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

yer pal,



Just a short note to say how pleased we are with your service and work.

You have earned our trust. You do good quality work, you keep your commitments, your prices are fair and you don't do work that is unnecessary.

I have taken my Volvo in the past to the Volvo dealership in Danbury and your work and prices blow them away. Both of my cars are at least 10 years old. Because of your quality work I can continue to use them for at least another 50,000 miles.

Most importantly you are nice people. You are friendly, flexible and put us at ease when getting our car serviced.

We wish you continued success.

Pete and Brenda Johnson
Danbury, CT


Sorry this took so long!  Lou came home early again yesterday afternoon; but, he is recovering.  He just came home to rest - something that is unheard of in Lou's world!  Anyway, to the task at hand - Kudos to BBA!

I want to thank you for the excellent and unprecedented service Lou and I have received from your company.  Being in the auto industry for over 15 years, Lou is all too familiar with the inadequate and disappointing service and treatment most customers experience when seeking auto repairs.  Beaver Brook Auto is the one and only exception to the rule.  You offer the highest quality service, the most reliable of repairs and diagnoses, and your accommodations are pristine.  We've eaten in restaurants that aren't as clean as your garage! 

I usually dread bringing my car in for repairs or an oil change.  But, in Beaver Brook's case, I look forward to my next appointment with you and Pete (and Venture!).  Your waiting room and facilities are more comfortable and cleaner than most doctors' offices.  Plus, you guys are a lot of fun!  

Again, thank you for all your time, kindness and expertise.  I look forward to bringing my car in for a "visit" in the near future!


Lynne M. Jeanette

The Dent Solution, Inc.

I am most pleased with the service and work conducted by the Beaver Brook, who successfully fixed an annoying oil leak on my Toyota Camry.  They took the time to get to the root of the problem and resolve it, all for a very reasonable price.  I would highly recommend Beaver Brook to others and will definitely be returning for future auto service needs on my cars. 

Raymond C.
Fairfield, CT


I greatly apologize for this long delayed letter of recommendation. Quite frankly, since the new transmission and power steering rack were installed, I have forgotten all about the problems!

As you know, my car's biggest mystery was the never ending "hiccup" within the engine and the shaky steering wheel. The dealer was not able to effectively diagnose these problems since there were no codes indicating what was happening, but they didn't truly go the extra step to investigate possible causes either. This frustration was what brought me to Beaver Brook.

The attention given to my vehicle was personalized and long overdue. In retrospect, I remember my level of confidence always being challenged when dropping my car off at the dealer. To add insult to injury, while the bill's heftiness would suggest a full repair, the window of feeling "secure in the service" was always cut short when some other problem popped up a few months later. I was starting to feel sabotaged!

In this economy, regardless or your financial standing, we all have to be discerning in our expenses. We, as laymen, also want to know that our hard earned money will be well spent when working with professionals. Thank you for reintroducing confidence into the automotive repair business.

Nicole P. Crosby
Brewster, NY


I just wanted to say thanks for all the help, advice, explanation of repairs and subsequent great work on my Volvo. While most people are most concerned with what type of vehicle they purchase, Ive learned that a great mechanic is worth his weight in gold since it is a recurring and ongoing relationship after the vehicle is purchased.

With that in mind, I could not be happier with the great service Beaver Brook Auto provides in keeping my vehicle running. Thanks again for the work you do for me, but more importantly, for your honesty and friendship.

Loyally yours......Henry